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Обеспечиваем доставку препаратов из Индии в Россию 10 лет. Налажены тесные и доверительные отношения фарм. компаниями Natco, Hetero, Zydus. 23 000 пациентов прошли лечение успешно. Ваш путь к выздоровлению начинается с нами.
К вашим услугам профессиональная клиника с сертифицированными врачами. Заказывая у нас оригинальные препараты, вы получаете европейское обслуживание.
На протяжении всего лечения и реабилитации. Врачи со специализированным образованием будут сопровождать вас во время терапии и после Реабилитационный период. Полный контроль эффективности лечения- гарантия выздоровления.
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Velasof цена индия

In general, Hetero Healthcare is the first company to introduce a generic version of Velpatasvir and Sofosbuvir combination of medicine in the market of India which is used to treat Hepatitis-C. Hetero is considered as one of the most popular company in India which provides high-quality generic Hep C medicines that is helpful for treating Hepatitis-C and other antiviral diseases, both the Velpatasvir and Sofosbuvir are combined into the combination of 100 mg and 400 mg respectively and the company selling this medicine in India under the brand name of VELASOF. Approximately, the MRP price charged for the pack of around 28 capsules is at RS. 18,500.

At first, Hetero VELASOF has approved and permitted by the Drugs Controller General of India in May 2017. Hetero Launched Velasof under the official licensing agreement with Gilead.

VELASOF is basically a copy of Epclusa – A real International drug which is considered as an innovative direct-acting antiviral drug (DAA)  without any side effects. Basically, it will work in the body by removing the entire Hepatitis C virus from the blood.

It is also noted that VELASOF is a medicine which will prescribe by the doctors for adults to treat their chronic hepatitis-C virus (HCV), genotype 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 infection.

Researchers also declared that the combination of Velpatasvir (VEL) and Sofosbuvir (SOF) has really worked well for the treatment of hepatitis-C virus (HCV). Also in the recent survey, it is founded out that around 95% to 99% of people had got cure with this process.

Another important fact the Sof/Vel combination scheme has already been approved by the European Association for the Study of Liver Disease (EASL) and has already passed all the necessary studies and tests, showing the highest efficiency to cure HCV.

Patients must be very sure that, before consuming these tablets, they have to consult it with the professional doctors. Only professional doctors can able to prescribe a correct dosage for each and every patient, who differs in age.

It is must that, without the recommendation of a doctor, patients should not consume this tablet. The recommended dosage for the pill once daily. You can swallow it completely. You can have it before or after food once for daily.

If you have any allergic problems, you must inform it to your doctor and ask for the suggestion whether to take those tablets or not. Also, patients with kidney or liver disorders should not take this capsule. Also, people below age 18 and pregnant ladies should not have this. Mostly this won’t cause many side effects, but some changes may occur at the time of treatment. Some of the common side effects are

  • Minor Rashes On The Skin
  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Fainting
  • Itchiness
  • Restlessness
  • Weakness
  • Slow Heart Rate
  • Shortness Of Breath
  • Excessive Tiredness
  • Confusion
  • Chest Pain

The price of VELASOF is much lower in India while comparing it with the international brand.

Nowadays in this technical world, the technology has been improved very much. Simply place your order via filling query forum on our website or email me. We will easily deliver the medicine to your home via fast international courier in a timely manner.

  • At present, VELASOF is one of the best treatments in the world to cure virus in blood cells.
  • It is also considered as a most effective HCV treatment.
  • It is for genotype and returnees
  • Even with cirrhosis, 99.9% cure is possible and many people have been getting benefited from
  • Very reasonable and affordable to purchase
  • Well known Indian product with America based
  • One tablet per day is enough
  • The logo of VELASOF is repeated inside the tablet package, so it can be easily able to identify.
  • The logo can be easily groped while the logo has been printed on the front side in a round shape
  • Only after you have turned or dipped the bottle, it can able to be opened. So there is no chance of air getting inside in it and gets decayed early.
  • There will be a QR code and barcode will be present in the bottle so that it is a proof of security.
  • You must note one thing, the serial number present in the bottle and package must be the same.
  • There must be quote present in it, like ‘SEALED FOR YOUR PROTECTION’. If it is not present, then don’t buy that item.

Pregnant woman must follow these precautions

  • There is a chance of this tablets may affecting the newborn
  • Suggest your doctor, while you get pregnant during the time of VELASOF treatment and ask him how to overcome those issues and get rid of problems.
  • Women should not get pregnant at the time of undergoing VELASOF treatment, since it may cause the problem to both women and child. Also, women have to wait after 6 months to get pregnant.

Breastfeeding Issues:

  • Mostly, women must avoid breastfeeding while taking VELASOF tablets, since it will directly affect children health.
  • Consult doctor and then take the right decision


  • Children should not have VELASOF tablets.

Basic Details:

  • Store it at a temperature of not exceeding 30ºC
  • Don’t use if the seal is found broken
  • Always close the container tightly, once it has been used.

If you have any query related to generic Velasof (Sofosbuvir+Velpatasvir), then contact me. I’m here to help you. You can contact me directly at WhatsApp + 918851226314 or mail me dev@generichope.com


Source: generichope.com

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  • Интерфероновые схемы лечения излечивали всего до 35-40% пациентов
  • Частота рецидивов после интерфероновой терапии составляет ~ 20%
  • При этом софосбувир в комбинации с даклатасвиром, ледипасвиром или велпатасвиром излечивает 98% пациентов
  • При правильно подобранной комбинации и сроке терапии рецидивов нет!
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